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Fitness and Finesse

What is really needed to embark on a Roaring 40s Sea Kayaking Expedition

Fitness and Finesse

What is really needed to embark on a Roaring 40s Sea Kayaking Expedition

One of the most regular questions we get asked by paddlers who are looking to join our expeditions are:

  • How much training do I need to do?
  • How fit do I need to be?
  •  Is it ok if I haven’t done much multi-day trips before?

You don’t need to be a hard-core paddler, a bushwalking extraordinaire, or a highly experience outdoor enthusiast to enjoy what Roaring 40s Expeditions can offer.

While every-body is uniquely different, we wanted to share some indicators in your own paddling and fitness levels which can help you gauge if you are ready to embark on our multi day expeditions.

Physical fitness 

We talk about a ‘reasonable level’ of fitness which indicates that you are regularly active, have some flexible movement and can maintain repetitive paddling movements for several hours a day, and feel good to hop back in the kayak again the following day.

It is common for us to be sitting in the kayak for up to 2 hrs at a time. We strike the balance between ensuring comfort stops are regular and giving our bodies a chance to stretch out, with covering a good distance to the incredible locations and campsites we choose each day.

How is your stretching and mobility regime?

Having a reasonable amount of flexibility and mobility will ensure your comfort and recovery throughout any mutli-day expedition.

Some of guides LOVE including a stretching and warm up session before we hit the water at the beginning of the day. We would encourage you to include some gentle stretching daily in your lead up, if you are not already.

We tend to focus on our hamstrings, hips, lower back, laterals, shoulders, arms, necks and general warm up of the torso before we paddle. This positively prepares the body for movement all day, and assists in injury prevention. Some of our favourites can be found through this link:

If this is your first Sea Kayak Expedition, let’s get specific. We do these things daily…

  • Getting in and out of your kayaks regularly
  • Launching and landing kayaks
  • Assisting the group to lift and manoeuvre kayaks together out of the wash zone
  • Dealing with uneven terrain as we explore the coastlines and mountains once on land
  • Crawling in and out of your tent

On our Gordon River and South West Wilderness expeditions, we use wild and established campsites which can have uneven ground or have take outs that require a bit of balance.

These parts of expeditioning, which can cause moments of challenge when they are accumulated, are a big part of why we tend to go on them in the first place, besides the incredible scenery, dynamic and stunning paddling conditions, exposed coastline and rich cultural natural history to name a few.  Extending our comfort zones has not only been proven to be good for our mental health, but to rest and recuperate in the Tasmanian Wilderness, a hot meal in the belly, and a soft and comfortable tent to retreat to, makes those moments worth it.

Don’t forget that your guides are always there for support, encouragement and expertise with paddling and injury prevention. (As well as their awesome cooking skills, good looks and great humour)

The take away…

Be prepared for repetitive paddling movements which impacts will build over multiple days
Support existing injuries with a plan from your physio/doctor as well as informing us on how we can support that during your trip
Consider building in some dynamic movement, strengthening and flexibility to compliment your paddling in the lead up to your trip

By preparing your body and your mind to the expectations of what these trips include, it will ensure you can focus on the other fantastic reasons you are there.

Please get in touch with us if you have any queries or want to discuss your preparation and personal requirements.

We look forward to having you out on the water with us!