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5 Useful Tips For A Wilderness Escape In Tasmania, Hobart


So, you’re planning a wilderness escape in Tasmania. Lucky you! From the unspoilt nature to the incredibly unique fauna and the sense of magic that abounds in this place, there’s so much to see and discover once you go on a wilderness Tasmania trip. To help you get the most out of your time in Hobart and beyond, here are our five useful tips for a memorable getaway.  

1. Plan to do nothing

This may sound like a strange first tip for your wilderness escape, but part of the beauty of Tasmania’s unspoilt wild is its incredible serenity and peace. Whether you’re booking during the tourism peak or in the off-season, there are plenty of calm moments — you just need to give them the time and space. Make time to do nothing and take in some of the cleanest air and beautiful sights in the world. 

2. Pack smart and prepare for anything

No matter what you've got planned for your trip, we all know nature often has other plans. From extreme weather to potential injuries on bushwalks, delays and other climate events you weren’t expecting, a wilderness escape comes with a degree of danger. 

That’s what makes it exciting, but it's also crucial to know what you’re getting into and plan accordingly. Set out with maps, sun and rain protection, warm layers, plenty of water and snacks. Make sure to also arm yourself with advice and guidance from the locals, be it park rangers, tour guides or experienced wilderness adventurers. 

3. Pay respect and learn from the wisdom of Australia’s first inhabitants

Like every part of Australia, Tasmania has a long, proud history of First Nations civilisations stretching back thousands of years. While you’re on your wilderness escape, take in as much wisdom and knowledge from First Nations people and their history — they are the custodians and original guardians of this incredible place. Aboriginal Heritage Tasmania is an excellent resource on Tasmania’s World Heritage Listed wilderness, Indigenous cultural heritage and more. 

4. Take in aurora australis

There’s a lot that’s special and unique about the Apple Isle, but if you’re planning your wilderness Tasmania escape at the moment, there’s an even more special sight to see: an aurora australis, which is currently more visible than it has been in years. The Southern Hemisphere’s version of the Northern Lights, this spectacular natural light show sees bright hues streak across the night sky in magentas, lime green and indigo colours. The Bureau of Meteorology has a guide to auroras so you can pick the best night during your stay to experience this once-in-a-lifetime view.     

5. Take advantage of local knowledge 

There’s a lot to uncover in Tasmania, so it’s worth relying on some experts to make sure you get the best experience possible. At Roaring 40ºs, we run some of Tasmania’s best expedition kayak tours in Hobart, the Southwest and Flinders Island. Whether you’re looking for a day trip or a more involved tour that will guide you through the beauty of nature in this beautiful island state.

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Now that you’re armed with our five tips for having the best Tasmanian wilderness holiday ever, you’re ready to start booking your adventure! Contact us and book your unforgettable adventure with Roaring 40ºs Kayaking today.